Individual Change and Adaptation

At birth we each get a brain.  Then we spend the rest of our life using it.  Typically we just accept use of our brain with little understanding of how it works, or how to make it work better.  However, you can make it work better.  How does your brain shape your actions and choices?  How does it shape your destiny?  Is there really a “free will”?  How do we deal with stress, anxiety and maybe even depression?  Can we be smarter?  Can we be more interested?  There are lots of topics we can explore to help you with individual change and adaptation. They can make you stronger, more effective.

You can learn some basic perspectives regarding how the brain works (and why evolution built it as it did) in the “Neurological Topics” pages.  Alternatively, the pages referenced below give you more perspective on how you can work with your own brain – making yourself more resilient, more adaptive to new circumstance, and learning to accept where your situation is not changeable.

Related Pages:

Quora Stimulated Pages (bold are written, with links; others coming):

  • Why Quora?
  • How to deal with stress, anxiety, depression (short courses).
  • How to be more interested and excited.
  • How to be smarter (function smarter)

BVEGs: The Key to You – a brief course on the foundations of human motivation.

Predicting the Difficulty of Change, A Series: Overview

John Barbuto, Sabine Weil Presentation at Generations Conference 2013 on Neuroplasticity

Sabine Weil, John Barbuto Presentation at Generations Conference on Mindfulness and Change

Social Microenvironments: Concept and Application

Neuroeconomics and the New Science of Behavior

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