Resistance Driven by Old Habits

This is part of the resistance series.

As discussed in the post on Guiding Abstractions habits are basically well-learned solutions to recurrent behavioral situations.  They allow efficiency and free advanced thinking to consider new issues.  So, they are useful.  But, they get in the way of change.  Fortunately, they are not a major impediment to change.  For the most part it is simply necessary to give time for new habits to be formed…MORE

Guiding Abstractions: Your Brain’s Leader, Your “Self”

How we behave in our personal lives and in our business lives is dependent on who we “are”.  But, that is such a nebulous term.  How do we get at the science of “who we are”?  We’ll start here on the journey of examining how we develop our character and how we can change.

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Relevant Neuroanatomy

For our journey into the world of brains and success it is useful to have some basic ideas about how the brain is organized and how it works.  I’ll present this material by using a story regarding how evolution put the anatomy together.  We cannot really understand our brains and our behaviors without giving at least a little consideration to this.  So, with sweeping strokes of broad generalizations let’s have a look at how your brain is put together. I’ve provided links to some resources that have nice pictures and further information.  The goal here is to give you a brief overview. In two quick paragraphs here are the basic parts.

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